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My history

Why choose me as your content creator?

I was introduced to online sales and content creation via network marketing. I built a business that stretched all over the UK and completely changed my life. As well as giving me the confidence I have now in front of the camera & the knowledge I have about marketing.

I realised that the main thing I loved about network marketing was content creation so I started investigating ways to make money & help brands without having to promote myself and that's where I found UGC.

If I was to choose someone to create content for me, I would want someone with experience, knowledge & a love for what they do - just like I do!

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UGC ads


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Leah was absolutely amazing to work with! Very quick turnaround and the communication was fantastic all the way through the process. The content she produced is some of the best we've had and her ideas and execution are first class :)




Excellent! Always high quality and can tell you enjoy creating content and put alot of effort in. Great comms and was a pleasure to speak with. Love the added touches you add to the content and how you make it your own. Always high-quality shots and clear videos


Content creation is clearly Leah’s natural talent. She is amazing and made the process so easy for me. As a busy single mum, trying to balance my small business whilst working full time, Leah was able to come up with the perfect script for the video without needing my input. The script was spot on, first time round. I didn’t have to think of any ideas or give any examples of how I would like the video, she knew exactly what to do and I’m so grateful I’m able to work with her at the start of her UGC journey. Cannot wait to continue working with Leah!

Viral Results

Prices + Packages


One 15-30 second ad

£250 + usage

Three 15-30 second ads

£690 + usuage

You can find out what content works for your brand best. I will film 2 separate concepts and then duplicate them with different hooks and CTA's. You will have 4 separate UGC/ad-based videos to trial on your platforms.

The Tester


Usage rights

All ads come with 90 days of free usage rights and after that, I charge 30% per month based on the price of the package.

*Larger packages and organic content are priced on a one/one basis*

Brands worked with

The Tester - example





Drop me and email with the deliverables, brand name, products & whether the content will be used for ad or organic use

I will give you an exact price & timeline of when I can complete the project for you

Once everything is agreed i will get to work on your concepts and send over the scripts for you to approve before filming

Average turn over is 1 week after i receive the products & scripts are agreed on

After that, all there is for you to do is post and watch the content fly 🚀🚀🚀

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